Marcea Lane can be seen in multiple music videos, her most renowned being Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with Michael Jackson, as well as many Academy Award, Emmy and MTV award show telecasts with many stars. She has worked alongside stats like Prince, Sting, Paula Abdul, Natalie Cole and Janet Jackson and choreographers including Kenny Ortega, Michael Peters, Vince Patterson, Billy Goodson, Joe Tremaine and Barry Lather. Additionally, Marcea began her internationally known dancewear line over 25 years ago, which she runs in addition to currently traveling with Adrenaline. 


"...I want to instill in them a sense of confidence and achievement and to inspire them...”

Marcea is a true idol. She has done such an amazing job dancing and has gone on to do other things. It’s good to let kids know that there is life after dance, it will always stay with you, but you can achieve amazing things when it’s in your heart.

2017-2018 TOUR